Growing up in New York City is one of the great privileges of my life and shaped who I am today in more ways than I can count.  My youth was rich with diversity, traditions, a sense of community, and amazing visual stimulation.  I grew up on Eleventh Street and 1st Avenue in the East Village of Manhattan.  I people-watched for hours from the first floor window of our railroad apartment, many of which were spent shoulder to shoulder talking with my mom.   As a young adult, I moved from New York to Los Angeles where I spent the next 23 years before moving to Raleigh.  This shop is a visual story infused with many cultures, interests and a world of happenings.  I will continue to add to this collection in hopes to share a little of myself with you.  

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Tanya Young is a published photographer (since 2003), based out of Raleigh and working in the greater NC area, with travel to Atlanta, GA, New York and the greater Los Angeles area. She specializes in headshots, editorial and branding photography, and personal projects for clients.