You can trust Tanya to work with you in a professional and comfortable manner to achieve a headshot that represents YOU!  The images she captures are rich, vivid and show a depth of personality that is looked for by casting directors and agents in the industry.  She will deliver what works in all markets from Raleigh to New York to LA!

-Tama Berriman, current set designer and director/former casting assistant (Los Angeles)


Wonderful photographer. I am the owner/artistic director of Moonlight Stage Company and I work with and career coach 100s of actors and many working actors. Tanya Young's headshots are wonderful professional quality and great for gaining credibility in the tough business of acting and entertainment. Highly recommend her to actors and others. And she’s a wonderful person!

-Estes Tarver, director, actor, acting coach and Artistic Director at Moonlight Stage Company


"THAT is a perfect headshot! I'm serious! The lighting on his skin, the glow, his eyes - it's just perfect!" 
-Sheila Cox, agent Devise Talent Agency


As a director (and a mother), my comfort zone is typically behind the scenes or watching performances, rather than in front of the camera. So, I was apprehensive about having a headshot taken.  But, Tanya made the entire experience -- from picking out the best outfit, to helping me with makeup and hair, to suggesting poses -- incredibly enjoyable, relaxing, and FUN! I absolutely loved the time that I spent with Tanya (and the photos that she produced). I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a serious headshot to show off your best self!

-Debbie Willmschen, director (Raleigh)


 "You killed it!  Really awesome job!  Your work is sooooo good!"

-Julie ter Avest, agent, KUTalent


"Really awesome shots!...You connect so well with your clients Tanya!!"

-Terri Dollar, agent KUTalent


 Seriously, you by far have the best shots I have seen for actors, not kidding!

-Anna Slay, Owner/Agent, Devise Talent Agency.  


What can I say??? Tanya is a photographer who asks the questions you should be asking yourself to move your career forward and she makes sure your photos are answering those questions. Who am I getting called in for? Who do I want to be called in for? She makes you feel at ease in front of the camera. It’s a fun process! I think the best testimonial is when they work. In just days of posting my new headshots, I’ve already been asked to tape for 5 projects and I’ve booked 1 that I know of! Thank you, Tanya for helping to move my career forward!

-Jess Barbour, actress, director, acting coach at North Carolina Theatre Conservatory (Southeast) 

Tanya's expertise and professionalism combined with her warmth and humor made my headshot experience wonderful. She is incredibly personable and took the time before our scheduled shoot to explain how the session would go, helped me pick out clothes for my different looks, and gave advice on make up as well. For someone uncomfortable in front of the camera, Tanya's patience and encouragement helped me loosen up -- I am beyond happy with the photos we ended up with! Tanya's personal experience in front of and behind the camera is invaluable. Along with capturing great images, the session was filled with advice about the entertainment business. She was efficient and gave me clear and concise direction throughout the entire session. I also felt like she listened to and addressed all of my concerns and wishes surrounding the shoot. Tanya's interactive online galleries, along with her input on her top photo choices, are immensely helpful during the final selection process. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Tanya went past the call of duty and exceeded any and all expectations I could have had for my headshot session.

-Claire Murchison, Actor (Southeast, KU Talent)


"Congratulations Claire Murchison for booking a great part in a project WITH HER HEADSHOT! Another booking off an amazing headshot!! It was a headshot pull and Claire has a great headshot --they loved it and booked her!!!" - KUTalent, talent agency

 What is a headshot pull?  Click here to learn more.

Tanya was delightful from the moment we contacted her to the time we received our remarkable final products. She really cares and has a good-natured personality. She gave us great pointers and suggestions to make sure our session would be enjoyable and successful. She put us at ease by taking the time to review and advise us on wardrobe (something I was stressing over!)

Tanya focused on ensuring our son was really having fun. I was impressed by her professionalism and passionate desire to make his headshot unique and interesting so it would “pop” among a sea of headshots. The hardest part was choosing among so many exceptional shots, but even then, Tanya offered her expertise and advice. We’re so grateful and highly recommend Tanya if you want an out-of-the-ordinary, premier headshot, plus want to have a blast in the process!

Actually, our son’s response was the most validating: “I liked it a lot- it was really fun! Thanks. Can we use her again? My pictures look awesome!” – Aren Marsh (actor, KU Talent)

Thank you Tanya, you are amazing! The whole experience and the final results were better than I could have hoped for!

- Sheila Marsh (Raleigh)



Tanya Young is an amazing photographer (and an equally lovely person). I've been in the industry for years and am the Artistic Director of a theatrical business. I felt like I was in such good hands from the moment I contacted her. From her clear communication, her knowledge of what wardrobe pieces would work best to knowing that moment when she got just the right shot. It was refreshing to work with someone who totally knew what they were doing while still being a completely collaborative process...and have such a quality product. An amazing and rare blend of a true artist and a professional business woman. Thanks, Tanya!

- Erin Dangler, acting coach, director, casting director, actress (Atlanta)


I had my first head shot taken in 1990-somethin'. I was applying for a Graduate Acting Training program in San Francisco at the American Conservatory Theater (ACT). The same school where my idol at the time, Denzel Washington started. Whether you like it or not your head shot is often still the first thing casting directors, agents and managers see and you want a good one.

I could not have had a better experience or a better photographer than Tanya Young. When you look at my head shot there's a whole universe behind those eyes.

Tanya has the best equipment but it's what she does with it that counts. She has developed techniques to capture the best YOU. I could share with you some of her techniques, but it couldn't possibly do her justice. I will say that in all my years I have never had so many great shots in a single session.

-Samuel Ray Gates, Actor and Professor of Acting at UNC Chapel Hill


Not only is Tanya Young an AMAZING artist, but she is also a real person whose warm and loving personality puts you at ease the minute she walks through the door. You feel comfortable and cared about so the best part of you is captured on film. Highly recommended for children and adults!

-Debbie Rollins, director 


Tanya's experience and knowledge of the industry combined with her artistic eye for detail and artistry created some of the most amazing head shots of my son. Tanya perfectly captured the many different looks we needed for casting commercial and theatrical work. I was so pleased with the results, I couldn't choose. The online preview gallery she uses makes it super simple to share images with talent agents and others for help with the selection process. If you are looking for new head shots and you want top-notch professionalism and quality, then look no further.

-Anne Farmer


I’ve had so many headshots done before but working with Tanya was incredibly unique. She has a method and a way of working that I have never seen before, but speaks to artists. Not only do I feel that my headshots are better from a business perspective, they are better artistically. The shoot was fun and Tanya was incredibly welcoming. There was truly an opportunity to be creative. Honestly I could not say enough good things about Tanya and her work. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

-Jon Beyer,  actor, writer, director

Love my new Headshots from the fabulous Tanya Young! As an actress, working with a photographer who has years of experience in the industry, is extremely beneficial. Her professionalism, warmth, and eye for detail are impeccable. It was so wonderful to be able to play and find characters naturally as we went along. I highly recommend shooting with Tanya!

-Laura Justad, actress Devise Talent Agency

Tanya is simply the best. Each of the Yates kids (well young adults) shot with her and EVERY shot was great. The choices were many and all wonderful. Thank you Tanya for being a kind, fun, talented photographer and human!!! 

-Holly Yates

Tanya is an amazingly talented photographer who is able to capture the very essence of whomever she works with. She has taken my professional and family photos for many years.  She is able to encompass who we are in her work. If you let her explore her creativity, and do what she does best, you will not have the "customary" images.  You will have an imaginative, inspiring representation.

Thank you, Tanya!

-Alden Giacopuzzi, owner/trainer, Alderin Sport Horses (Los Angeles)


Tanya was extremely helpful in preparing for our daughter's headshot session. She provided details of what to bring, encouraged questions and helped with reviewing clothing options. When we arrived, she was very friendly, extremely knowledgeable about selecting outfits that would highlight features, and made our daughter excited to participate. Tanya showed us pictures during the shoot, and spent a lot of time afterwards explaining the next steps for image selection for online as well as print options for the professional headshots. The interactive image gallery was online the next day. Tanya took the time to mark her favorites, show examples of cropping and editing, and the pictures are incredible. Tanya is professional, knowledgeable and we are grateful for all her help in making this a fun experience.

-Russ Campbell (Durham)


Tanya truly is that rarest of creatures: a creative genius. In addition to having mastered the technical aspects of her art, she is such a warm and loving person that she naturally brings out the very best in her subjects.  So, then, the next thing you know, you’re saying things like “Wow! These are INCREDIBLE pictures…”

-Paul Taylor, national author and speaker, Stop Being Stupid Parents (Raleigh)


"Tanya is kind, patient and professional . She is truly a beautiful person, inside and out.  With Tanya's incredible experience both in front of and behind the camera, she is able to care for and guide her clients through a fun and exciting photo shoot with remarkable results!

Book a session and leave everything else to Tanya, it will be inspiring!"

-Sue Smith, Dance Educator


Incredible photography session with Tanya. She's all about having each photo tell a story. Clothing selection, hair, makeup, lighting and pose all go into capturing the right message, the right image, the right story. Highly recommend her!

-Chris Nimms, Photographer/Videographer (Raleigh)


My daughter, Ariana, and I searched for days for the right photographer for her first set of headshots. We kept coming back to Tanya's website (and we viewed at least 12-15 different photographers' sites). We loved her style and the way she caught her subjects on camera. The photos just looked fantastic. We decided to go with Tanya, and from the moment I contacted her, everything was perfect.  (To read the rest of the review, please visit

-Paula Gabier (Chapel Hill)


I had headshots taken by Tanya about a month ago and I am still in awe of her! I could not have asked for a better experience- everything from our first interaction to seeing the finished product. She did my hair and makeup so well that I have since gone out and purchased products that she used on me. Her photos speak for themselves. I feel confident going out into the theatre business armed with her work. I hate seeing photos of myself, so I was surprised when I had a hard time narrowing down my final choices!! Her hair and makeup is professional and flattering, her photos show the best of me, but what makes Tanya special is how much she CARES! I spent about 4 hours working with her and it was like hanging out with a friend. She made me feel so comfortable and we had a blast together. If you are looking for someone who knows the industry, can deliver an IMPRESSIVE product, and will be on your team- Tanya is your girl!

-Gabrielle Frazelle, actress (Dallas, TX)


OMG!  I am in love all over again.  Not one bad picture at all!  You captured her spirit that she has!!!  Love. Love. Love!!!!!!!!!  She is showing them off to everyone!!!

-Laura Pope (Cary, NC)


Can not speak more highly of my experience getting new headshots with Tanya Young. From booking my date to wardrobe selection, shoot day to photo selection, editing to final product, every step of the way was a breeze. Tanya made things so easy. She literally picked my wardrobe when I was in a panic over not having the right clothes. On shoot day we joked and listened to music and kept things light and fun, meanwhile she kept things organized and running smoothly. This is my fifth attempt in two years to get some "Wow" shots, and I feel like I finally got them with Tanya. I am so happy with the end result. I feel like I have not only found my forever headshot photographer, but have made a friend for life as well.

-Jody Whitehurst, actress (Raleigh, NC/Atlanta, GA)


The light-hearted, entertaining, yet professional atmosphere Tanya created was the perfect combination for a very successful shoot. She takes into account your views and wants in order to make a vision into reality. Before the shoot, Tanya was very helpful in picking the correct “looks” I wanted to portray with clothes, makeup, and more. During the session, Tanya was peppy, friendly, and willing to do anything for the perfect shot. Her eye for lighting, poses, and focus is one of a kind as she gives you plenty of options to chose from. From straight hair to curly, Tanya helped me create a wide array of looks. Within a day, there were three headshot on her website and I was beyond thrilled. These headshots captured different personalities, looks, but they still represented myself. I would recommend Tanya to anyone, as she is personable, professional, and the experience was very fun. 

-Dana Grossman, actress (Philadelphia)


Tanya is great with kids. My son's head shots could not have turned out better.  In fact, a leading Casting Director chose the one for film and loved it.  His agent said that she "loved them all-which very rarely happens."  We are very pleased. 

-Bryson Johnson (Cary, NC)


After getting new headshots with Tanya, my daughter got a TON more auditions! She walked us through the process with patience, and her instructions were very clear.  At the session, Tanya really made her feel comfortable and confident.  Gave her great prompts to get just the right expressions. Tanya offered her own great ideas for looks, and hair which helped a lot. The images speak for themselves, they really capture the many possibilities of characters my daughter could do.  They capture her personality. I trust Tanya completely, and will be returning to her for sure!

-Claire Clarke, mom-ager and film editor (Chapel Hill)


Thank you for everything!  You have wonderful attention to detail, and creative instincts.  Great call on the... and all the other 1000 little things I didn't think of that you did. The pics are stunning...I know I am biased but, I do think they really go a long way to show a lot of different roles she could be seen in. 

-Claire Clarke (Durham, NC)


Tanya, you are REMARKABLE!!! You have truly gone above and beyond, and exceeded my expectations. I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am with you and what a pleasant experience I had last week! No rush at all on the photos. I’ve waited for over a month for photos I am highly impressed you’re already close to being done! You’re amazing and thank you SO MUCH!!! I have been recommending you to everyone! 

-Alli Mae Carnes (Southeast)


Tanya is an uber-talented photographer and was incredible with my family.  Her friendly, personable style brought out the best in our 15 month-old baby girl and in my camera-shy husband. I loved that Tanya didn't put a time cap on the session but shot until she felt the work was in the camera. When we saw the results, I wanted to order one of everything and practically did!
Tanya also designed and printed our holiday card which was elegant and different, reflecting the personality of our little family. 
We love her!!!

-Allison Stabile, marketing director/entrepreneur (Los Angeles)


I do very much LOVE these. They are 1,000,000,000,000 times better than any other headshots I have ever had, and I am so excited to use these. You're so talented and it was such a fun session!! <3 

-Dena Konkel, actress


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Tanya Young is a published photographer (since 2003), based out of Raleigh and working in the greater NC area, with travel to Atlanta, GA, New York and the greater Los Angeles area. She specializes in headshots, editorial and branding photography, and personal projects for clients.