Since starting my business in 2003, I've worked with professional actors and models, families, and businesses.  Before becoming a photographer and visual artist, and in addition to my own work as a model and commercial actress, I had a career in fashion as lead to a merchandising and design team.  I bring my experience in design, make-up, and editing to every project.

Specific to actors, having worked on both sides of the camera and lived all of my life in New York and then Los Angeles, I am very familiar with what big market agents and casting directors are looking for and what will grab and keep their attention.  

Above all, I'm the proud mom of four awesome kids and married to an amazing man!  I'm also lucky enough to still flex my acting muscle and work as an assistant director at a local children's musical theater, so, working with children and actors of every age comes very naturally to me and is a great passion of mine.  

I've managed to fuse my life's passions into my work and love sharing what I know.  I look forward to working with you!

Tanya Young is a published photographer (since 2003), based out of Raleigh and working in the greater NC area, with travel to Atlanta, GA, New York and the greater Los Angeles area. She specializes in headshots, editorial and branding photography, and personal projects for clients.